Advent 1A Stewardship; A Response to Advent

Stewardship might seem to be a strange theme for the season of Advent, but actually it is quite appropriate. God’s coming to us in the incarnation of Christ redeems our lives and our world. Giving these things back to God in faith then becomes pleasing to God. It is a joy to know that God uses our offerings to him for his purposes and ongoing work of redemption. Sermon Date:  December 1, 2019

12/24/2018 Christmas Eve – Making Sense of the Census

The first seven verses of the birth narrative of Jesus are dominated not by the birth but the census. That is not to say that the birth is not the main thing and the climax of these verses. But the census plays an important part in telling the story of Jesus’ birth. What is Luke saying by giving the census such a prominent place? How do we make sense of the census?  

Your Salvation Draws Near

Have you ever wondered about the catastrophic event in nature we continually see with ever greater frequency and intensity? It seems like the world is coming unglued. In fact, Jesus warns as much… But the point is not to leave us perplexed, fearful, or full of foreboding. Rather Jesus say when you see these things look up. It is a time for faith not anxiety. Your redemption is drawing near. Of this we can be sure for while this world…