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Sermons on Luke

Lent 3C …… An Entire Life of Repentance

Luke 13:1-9 “Have you heard the news?” they asked Jesus. A terrible thing had happened. Jesus added another tragic event to their concern. But the question looming behind the question was “Why? What does this mean?” Like them, we want to connect the dots. We want answers. Jesus’ answer is helpful not only in what […]

Epiphany 7C Life as Gift Giving

Luke 6:27-38 Being always proceeds doing! So Jesus teaches us it is for his disciples in this sermon. This text is just a long string of imperatives presenting a high standard of conduct for his disciples. Yet we also understand that this conduct proceeds from who we are, the blessed in Christ (see Epiphany 6C […]

Epiphany 6C “The Two Ways”

Luke 6:17-26 “The Two Ways” is a didactic technique that stretches all the ways back to Moses in Deuteronomy where he sets before the people the way of life and the way of death; two paths. In this tradition, Jesus in the first part of his teaching to his disciples sets forth two paths; those […]