Sermons on Baptism

Sermons on Baptism

Epiphany 2A

John 1: 29-42a Evangelism can be a scary word for some. Perhaps that is because it can seem so foreign to us. In our minds, evangelism is marvelous and miraculous. But we live in the mundane, meaning evangelism happens in some place other than our lives. So we don’t relate. But John shows us that evangelism is simply sharing the good news within our relationships; the everyday relationships of our mundane lives. More likely than not, that’s the way it…

Advent 2A Prepare the Way

Matthew 3:1-12 At the beginning of the Church Year we are again reminded that our salvation begins with God coming to us. The story begins in the Old Testament with God’s promises, finds its fulfillment in the coming of Christ, and continues in our day through the work of the Spirit in Word and Sacrament. The key to receiving the kingdom, as John the Baptizer tells us, is repentance; contrition, faith and the fruit of repentance. Sermon Date:  December 8,…

All Saints C Building on the Promises of God Part 12: Joy Is Coming

Psalm 30:5 Psalm 30 reminds us that weeping may tarry for the night but joy comes in the morning. Nobody needs to teach us about weeping that tarries for the night. We have all experienced restless, even distressful nights. But God’s promise is that joy comes with the morning. That morning breaks as Jesus comes to us bringing his light. Sermon Date:  November 3, 2019

1/13/19 Baptism of Our Lord Isaiah 43:1-7

Identity in Baptism Where do we find our identity? Is it in our new year’s resolutions or the other ways that we try to remake ourselves? Isaiah reminded Israel that her identity was to be found in God, the God who created, formed, redeemed and called her by name. Our identity is not in what we do but in what God has done for us. In our baptism, like Israel, God creates, forms, redeems, and calls us by name.