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Sermons on Psalm 23

Dwelling with the Lord Forever

There is a beauty in the simplicity of this verse. But perhaps there is more to it than first meets our eyes. What does it mean to dwell in the house of the Lord forever? There are three big ideas to look at in this verse: What is the house of the Lord, what is […]

Followed by Goodness and Mercy

Goodness and mercy are abstract concepts. How can we understand them more concretely? An exercise that may help is to draw a picture of this verse… Honestly, this verse is pretty simple. What possibly is there to talk about? Well, you might be surprised. In fact, as you turn it over and over in your […]

Anointed Heads and Overflowing Cups

When the disciples objected to the woman anointing Jesus with oil (Matthew 26: 6-13) they revealed their own lack of contentment in life. For us too joy, happiness, and contentment are elusive. But David reminds us that our Good Shepherd anoints our heads with oil and causes our cup to overflow. What does it mean […]

A Table Prepared

Today we face a problem; our verse is a mixed metaphor. After all what do sheep have to do with a table prepared? Sheep don’t need a table; shepherds don’t prepare tables. Yet this is what our Good Shepherd does for us in the presence of our enemies. The Scriptures often use mixed metaphors because […]

Soul Restoration

Most of us have been involved in a restoration project of one sort or another. And so is God. “The LORD is my shepherd… He restores my soul.” Restoration my its very nature also involves deterioration, that from which we need restoration. The condition of sheep being “cast” can help us to understand our own […]

Led to Still Waters

God created us in such a way that we would thirst for a relationship with Him.  He also commits himself to leading us to the still waters that quench our thirst permanently. Like wayward sheep all too often we reject God, the fountain of living water, and seek our own sources of water.  But as […]

The Lord is My Shepherd

The 23rd Psalm starts with and is based upon relationship; the LORD is my shepherd. We derive great comfort from the 23rd Psalm.  Jesus deepens the meaning in John 10.  He is the embodiment of the 23rd Psalm and we as believers embody some very important characteristics of sheep.     Sermon date:  June 17, […]