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Sermons on James

Faith Expressed in Works

Pentecost 24B James 2:14-26 Some find a conflict between James and Paul on the subject of faith and good works. But a closer look reveals that they are in agreement. A deeper look at what faith is and the role of good works solves the apparent disagreement. So what is faith? It has three parts […]

True Riches

Pentecost 22B James 5:1-6 The passage before us is not an easy one to hear. It pulls no punches and offers little, if any, gospel. It is a stern warning against the ungodly rich and to Christians who find themselves acting in a similar way. The rich young man turned away from following Jesus because […]

A Taught Tongue

James reminds us that the tongue is a restless evil full of deadly poison. Like a wildfire it starts small but can set the world on fire. Is there hope for us to control our tongues? Jesus’s healing of the mute boy with an evil spirit is our first clue today of the hope we […]

No Partiality, But Love

Are you partial? Of course. We all are in some ways. But when it comes to receiving others God, who is impartial calls us to be impartial. So why is partiality a sin? James gives us two reasons: one that it is based on false distinctives and the second that it is contrary to the […]