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Sermons on John

Lent 3A He Gives Living Water

John 4:5-26 The thread that ties our Gospel and OT Readings together is thirst and water; both are physical and spiritual. That is not so different from where we find ourselves today in dealing with a pandemic and sickness. Thirst and sickness are not so different. They are physical needs that have spiritual repercussions. Jesus […]

Epiphany 2A

John 1: 29-42a Evangelism can be a scary word for some. Perhaps that is because it can seem so foreign to us. In our minds, evangelism is marvelous and miraculous. But we live in the mundane, meaning evangelism happens in some place other than our lives. So we don’t relate. But John shows us that […]

Easter 5C/Armed Forces Sunday

John 16:12-22 In hearing the Gospel for today it is imperative that we remember the context in which Jesus first spoke those words. He said at the time that there were things his disciples could not bear to hear. But I say to you, you can bear them. Why? Because the circumstances are different now. […]

Easter 4C/Mother’s Day

John 10:22-30 Mother’s Day and Good Shepherd Sunday share some things. Both have a primary image and secondary image. While one image is dominant, the day can’t exist without the other. For Mother’s Day, it is mothers and their children. For Good Shepherd Sunday, it is the Good Shepherd and his flock. So just as […]

Easter 3C

John 21:1-14 In our experience, God is often a hidden God, meaning that we do not or cannot know God and why He does things. That is because we are created beings and God is creator. It is also because of our sinful nature that has stripped us of spiritual discernment. But the good news […]

Easter 2C……. Confirmation

John 20:19-31 Confirmation is all about confession; that which we believe in our hearts, we confess with our lips, and live out in our lives. On this Confirmation Sunday, Thomas helps us with our concession, “My Lord and my God.” This is the cry of every Christian. This is a cry that both confesses who God […]