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Sermons on Faith

Lent 2A Abram and the Second Birth

Genesis 12:1-9 For some, the idea of being born again can be as puzzling now as it was for Nicodemus when he first heard Jesus speak of it. Both Jesus and Paul further describe it as dying and rising. It is a spiritual birth. Still another way of understanding it is to look at the life […]

Baptism of Our Lord

Isaiah 42:1-9 “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit” God said through the prophet Zechariah. So does Isaiah describe God’s Servant in chapter 42nd of the book that bears his name. This prophecy points forward to Jesus who is the fulfillment. Matthew, in his recording of the baptism of Jesus, makes sure […]

Lent 5C ……. Pressing On

Philippians 3:8-14 As with every project or sporting competition, our lives of faith have critical points at which it is important to “press on”. The Apostle Paul talks about our pressing on in the faith. There is an urgency to strain ahead as with a sprinter. But there is also a forgetting of what is […]

Faith Expressed in Works

Pentecost 24B James 2:14-26 Some find a conflict between James and Paul on the subject of faith and good works. But a closer look reveals that they are in agreement. A deeper look at what faith is and the role of good works solves the apparent disagreement. So what is faith? It has three parts […]