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Sermons by Pastor Gewecke

Lent 3A He Gives Living Water

John 4:5-26 The thread that ties our Gospel and OT Readings together is thirst and water; both are physical and spiritual. That is not so different from where we find ourselves today in dealing with a pandemic and sickness. Thirst and sickness are not so different. They are physical needs that have spiritual repercussions. Jesus […]

Lent 2A Abram and the Second Birth

Genesis 12:1-9 For some, the idea of being born again can be as puzzling now as it was for Nicodemus when he first heard Jesus speak of it. Both Jesus and Paul further describe it as dying and rising. It is a spiritual birth. Still another way of understanding it is to look at the life […]

Lent 1A What a Difference a Man Makes

Romans 5:12-19 What a difference a person can make! This is the stuff of biographies. And there are many of them. But Paul takes it to a whole other level when he brings up both Adam and Christ. Adam’s act of disobedience brings sin and death to all. Christ’s act of obedience brings justification and […]