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We are so glad you have chosen to spend a few minutes on our website. There are a lot of things to discover here about faith and St. Peter Church. Our hope is that you will be intrigued and inspired to come and visit. May God bless your time on this site and your journey of faith.

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Divine Worship: 8:00 am
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Phone: (609) 466-0939

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1608 Harbourton-Rocktown Road
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Recent Sermons

1/20/2019 Epiphany 2 John 2:1-11 Faith that God is Good

Have you ever felt rebuffed by God, like your prayer gets about as far as the ceiling and just bounces back? It is not an uncommon experience and something that Mary, Jesus’ mother, experienced too. Feeling rebuffed can lead us down a bad path of bitterness and non-responsiveness to God. But there is another way. […]

1/13/19 Baptism of Our Lord Isaiah 43:1-7

Identity in Baptism Where do we find our identity? Is it in our new year’s resolutions or the other ways that we try to remake ourselves? Isaiah reminded Israel that her identity was to be found in God, the God who created, formed, redeemed and called her by name. Our identity is not in what […]

1/6/2019 Epiphany Rejoice with Exceeding Joy

Herod and the Magi are typical of two types of people; those who oppose God and those who have faith. Opposition leads to a troubled spirit as typified in Herod. Faith leads to exceeding joy as typified in the Magi. So how do you respond to the reign of God breaking into your world? Are […]

12/30/2018 Christmas 1 The Law at Work

This First Sunday after Christmas can feel like a time in between. It is not Christmas Day nor is it New Year’s or even Epiphany. It is somewhere in between. We may even feel the lack of structure in our professional lives; do we go to work or take the day off? In these days […]

12/24/2018 Christmas Eve – Making Sense of the Census

The first seven verses of the birth narrative of Jesus are dominated not by the birth but the census. That is not to say that the birth is not the main thing and the climax of these verses. But the census plays an important part in telling the story of Jesus’ birth. What is Luke […]

Recent Posts

Ladies’ Dinner and Book Club January Meeting

The Ladies’ Dinner and Book Club will meet this month on January 23rd to discuss This Present Darkness, by Frank Peretti.  A sign up sheet is on the bulletin board.  Please join us!

The Reformation Event You Never Knew Existed

St Peter Lutheran Church Presents: An Historical Presentation and Discussion “The Reformation Event You Never Knew Existed” Speaker: Rev. Dr. Richard J. Serina, Jr.   Sunday, February 24, 2019, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM The program will begin with Vespers at 3:00 PM   Rev. Dr. Richard J. Serina, Jr., is pastor at Christ the […]

“Life is All About Stories”

“Life is All About Stories” By Rev. Dr. Anthony Steinbronn  Every Person has a story God has a story that makes sense of every other story… centered in the saving work of Jesus Christ Edification and evangelism: hearing, Knowing, telling and living the stories that really matter to navigate life and become mature disciples Unbelievers […]

Advent and Christmas Services

  Advent and Christmas Services Advent Services will be held each Wednesday in Advent at 7:30 p.m. (through December 19). On December 23rd, we will only have one worship service at 9:30 a.m.  This will be a service of Advent lessons and carols. Christmas Eve services will be held at 7:00 p.m. and at 10:30 […]

Pentecost 24B James 2:14-26 Faith Expressed in Works

Some find a conflict between James and Paul on the subject of faith and good works. But a closer look reveals that they are in agreement. A deeper look at what faith is and the role of good works solves the apparent disagreement. So what is faith? It has three parts as a triangle has […]

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